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On-Site and In-Shop Computer Repair Available 7 Days a Week.  9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Phone: (888) 361-0509 (toll free)
Fax:     (888) 361-0509 (toll free)
Cell:     (858) 736-5693

Home Phone: (662) 307-7255

Email: info@drjoeyscomputerrx.com
Email: web@droey.net

Click on the Google Map link below.  It is more accurate than the Bing Map link.

1101 Sunset Drive
Grenada, MS  38901

We are located just off highway 8 (Sunset Drive) in Grenada, MS.  I work from my home.  Ours is the first house between Govan and Cedar.  Access is off Cedar.

For Drop off Service, please call for an appointment   (888) 361-0509 (toll free).

Use the Google Map link ABOVE.  It is more accurate than the map drawn below.