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Thanks, Joey for your help! The past 2 years have been the most difficult of my life. After the death of my husband in January, 2007, I was left with a business to manage, as well as personal issues. With the business, I needed to immediately get things in a working order best suited for my needs.  Joey has been a blessing in assisting me with computer work that was appropriate for our company. We have collaborated on ideas that have been beneficial in making my work more "workable."  Joey has just completed a website for our business that we believe will add new customers!

More importantly, Joey is so accommodating and pleasant. And, his ability to make "house calls" has saved me time and stress in dealing with computer issues.  I wish the best for you in all your endeavors!

                                                                                                             B.C., Birmingham, AL

Dr Joey transferred several VHS tapes of our home videos to DVD and we are very satisfied with the result.  We used his basic service and we were very pleased with the cost.  He guarentees his work  and the work was done in a very reasonable timeframe.  I also used his services to update and service my computer.  I have recommend him to others and will continue to do so.

                                                                                                                J.P., Irondale, Al

I had an extremely pleasant transaction with Dr. Joey's Computer RX.  I was able to get seven VHS home videos transferred onto DVDs as a Christmas gift for my parents.  The DVD's turned out great and most importantly were finished in a timely fashion and ready within a couple of days.  I would recommend doing business with Dr. Joey's Computer RX to anyone.  Thanks Mr. Joey!

                                                                                                               S.C., Prattville, AL

My name is Mary K. Levy, and I had intended to take the classes offered by Dr.~Joey at the Senior Center in Irondale, but I never did until I got work from a company that uses Microsoft Word.  I have worked for years in law offices, but I never used or learned Word.  I used WordPerfect, and it wasn't a Windows version back then.  Well, since I had said I could do the work, I knew I needed to get busy learning how to do it.

I got his phone number from the Senior Center, and Dr. Joey came to my house.  I showed him exactly what I would be using with Word to produce the legal transcripts I will be transcribing.  I had downloaded their formats, but I didn't know how to use them well, and I didn't understand anything about how Word handled documents, and how to work more efficiently.  He explained everything so I could understand it, and he answered my questions in relation to the kinds of software I currently use because I wanted to make Word work as much like them as possible.  

I would highly recommend Dr. Joey as a teacher because he is very understanding while answering questions and making sure what he is saying is understood completely.  I know that someone with little or no knowledge of computers or software would be able to master all of that quickly with Dr. Joey.  Being able to use a computer opens up a whole new world for anyone who is unable to be as active as younger folks, and I don't know what I would do without my computer just as entertainment, not just for work.

 Also, the fact that he repairs computers is a necessity for me since I have to upgrade periodically for my business to keep abreast of the technology in the industry.  So I am very glad to have made the connection with Dr. Joey, and I hope to encourage others to do that, too.  You won't regret it, and it is money well spent. 

                                                                                                     Mary K. Levy, Irondale, AL